Price List

The prices of our grass fed products can change without notice, due to various factors: price of feed, price of fuel (needed to transport animals to butcher), etc.

Beef Prices


Beef is available at $2.50 per pound hanging weight - processing costs are paid directly to the butcher.

A $100 deposit will reserve half a beef. A $200 deposit will reserve a whole beef.

Due to the smaller carcass of the Dexter, quarter beeves are not available. A whole Dexter will fit in your freezer and feed a family of 4 for a year.


Registered Dexter breeding stock is $500 per animal, when available.

Pig Prices

We sell our 8 week old Tamworth piglets for $80 each.

Tamworth Breeding Stock is also available. Gilts are $200 each, Boars are $200 each.


Pork is $1.75 per pound hanging weight - processing costs are paid directly to the butcher and average $1.00 per pound depending on how you want it packaged.

A $50 deposit is required to reserve half a pig.

A $100 deposit is require to reserve a whole pig.

Whole hog sausage is available for $5 per pound (frozen and vacuum sealed in one pound packages).

Rabbit Prices


Rabbit meat (frozen, vacuum sealed) sells for $7.00 per pound.


American Blue Breeding Stock sells for $40 per animal and this includes pedigree papers.

A Breeding Trio sells for $100.

A Breeding Pair sells for $60.

Pet rabbits are $30 each.


$2.00 per pound - pick up at farm only - bring your own bucket

Egg Prices

Our Fresh Green Eggs are $2.50 per dozen

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