Pasture Pig Photos

Arguably all newborn animals are cute, but I think piglets are the cutest. The moment our pasture piglets are born they walk around momma looking for milk. Within a couple of days they will walk away from where everyone is sleeping, sometimes leaving the nest entirely, to do their business.

This brother and sister are the two lone survivors of a litter of 15. Yes, 15 piglets! They have taken to napping in their feed trough during a heatwave, while momma naps nearby and a chicken waits to steal some cracked corn.

These two sows are sisters, and the first pasture pigs I brought home to our farm. The sow on the left farrowed first a day ahead of her sister, completely unassisted. The one on the right had farrowed 7 piglets, then encountered some distress - a piglet was stuck. Unfortunately, by the time I figured this out, she had endured for more than 12 hours and was exhausted.

Sensing her distress, her sister moved from the far corner of the stall to this spot by the door, and proceeded to help nurse her sister's babies. This was the day I fell in love with my pasture pigs!

A phone call to a fellow pasture pig breeder gave me a crash course in delivering baby piglets. Although the remaining piglets did not survive, she weaned all the babies she farrowed on her own. Both sows have gone on to have several more unassisted litters and continue to be wonderful mothers.

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