Benefits of Multi Species Grazing

  • multi species grazing on the same pasture at different times, effectively breaks the parasite cycle that occurs
  • when unforeseen disaster hits one species, your profits don't disappear
  • direct marketing to a larger and more diverse audience allows you to cross-sell and further increase profits
  • the allocation of different manure types over the pasture land through multi species grazing increases the organic matter and increases the nutrients in the soil - all of which leads to more productive pastures
  • multi species grazing means that different species of forage will be consumed, making for a healthier and more robust pasture
  • the different gestation cycles of animals allows you to spread cash flow throughout the year, rather than have it all flowing in one or two seasons

I first came across an article in Acres magazine written by Cody Holmes, The Holistic Way: Resource Management in Tune with Nature. He talked about how many farmers (including himself at one point) are 'misguided about the basics of actual food production'. He talks about holism and how it teaches us as farmers to take the resources (energy flow, mineral cycle, water cycle and community dynamics or plan spacing) and put them to work for us.

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