Miniature Cattle

Miniature cattle are proving themselves to be much more efficient and profitable in any environment. That is not to say that every small breed works perfectly in every environment - different cattle will prosper in hot, humid climates than those that prosper in cold climates.

Instead of the standard stocking rate of 5 acres for 2 cattle, you can actually put two miniature cattle on one acre (depending on the quality of the pasture, of course). This makes raising beef a viable option for even the small farmer. As little as 5-15 acres can support a profitable farming operation.

A cow eats 2.5 to 3% of her own weight in feed every day. During the winter months, this translates to a lot of hay if you're feeding a standard 1200 pound cow. Instead of 3 to 4 square bales of hay per week for a large cow, a small cow will consume 1 to 2 square bales per week.

Dexter cattle are very good foragers, so the need to feed hay in the winter can be postponed or even eliminated if you're able to stockpile some good hay fields.

Small cattle are easier on the land, equipment and facilities. They just don't have the bulk to do as much harm. Pastures seem to stay greener longer because miniature cattle weigh less and their hooves are smaller - they don't tear up the pastures like larger, heavier cattle do.

These 6 x 8 hog huts will comfortably house 3 miniature yearling calves.

Smaller cattle wean much more beef than do larger cows. After weaning, smaller cows breed back faster than larger cows.

Marketing Miniature Cattle

On the marketing side of things, one small cow will produce enough beef to last a family of four for about six months. Having to find one buyer for a cow is much easier than having to find two or more buyers.

The key to being profitable with the animals you raise is to market your product yourself. As soon as you rely on the sale barn as a means to sell your wares, you hurt your chances of maximizing profits.

Set your farm apart from others with effective marketing. One way to draw attention to your business is by creating your own postage. Use a photo of your farm or your different animals - make your mail memorable to the people who receive it.

Using to purchase postage is much more efficient and cost effective than going to the post office. You always have the exact postage at your fingertips without making a trip to town or waiting in line.

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