Hog Huts

Hog huts don't have to be fancy but they do need to be durable and portable.

Our hog huts are three-sided structures with a metal roof.

There are 2 i-hooks bolted into the base on the end of hog hut. This allows us to move the shelter wherever it is needed. Moving it requires a tractor, but the built in skids on the underside of the hog hut allow it to be moved fairly easily, without tearing up the ground.

The hog hut shown here has a board removed from the back wall (the north facing wall) to allow for better ventilation during the summer months. When the weather is bad, the board can be bolted back on to create a cozy shelter for our pasture pigs.

The removed board is just laying on top of the corrugated metal roof.

NOTE: This design has since been improved by putting hinges on this board so it can be lifted up and suspended during the summer, and latched down during the winter. This revamped design eliminates the the need for tools when the board needs to be either removed or replaced.

The notch cut into the bottom 2"x8"x10' in the above photo is not necessary - this board has been re-purposed from an earlier version of the hog hut. Piglets were having trouble climbing over the board, so I had the notch cut into it to make it easier for them to get in and out.


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