Direct Marketing for Grass Farmers


Direct marketing your product is not always the easiest approach, but it is the best way to maximize profits while staying in control of the quality product you produce.

If you simply take your animals to the livestock barn to sell, your customer base is probably not concerned about the quality of the product as much as they are about getting it for the lowest price.

There are some great books available to help you farm smarter, not harder...

Get Noticed

Websites like and are great ways to let people know what you have to sell and where to find you.

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Managing Cash Flow

Do you have trouble getting paid by your customers? I hear farmers complain about this a lot - take control! You are running a business and need to be paid in a timely fashion in order to run your business. Direct marketing does not have to be a cash flow nightmare.

While a Smartphone or iphone may not seem necessary for a farmer, today's farmer absolutely needs to have one to stay productive.

Square Up is a great program that allows you to accept credit card payments using your phone. There is a charge for using the program, but you only pay as you use it. There is no subscription fee, no minimum usage required. It is truly pay per use.

Once you subscribe to the service, they send you the card swiper for FREE. You download the app for FREE.

Setup is quite simple - you just key in the bank account you want the funds deposited into.

"The check is in the mail" is a thing of the past. There is no need for you to wait to get paid. Retailers get paid before their product leaves the store and so should you.

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