Beef For Sale

We do offer our grass fed beef for sale but currently have nothing available. If you'd like us to contact you when it is available, we'd be happy to do so. 

Two steers currently on pasture should be available in the spring of 2014.

Due to the smaller carcass of the Dexters, only halves and wholes are available.

We also offer Dexter Breeding Stock but have nothing available at this time.

Beef Prices


Beef is available at $2.50 per pound hanging weight - processing costs are paid directly to the butcher.

A $100 deposit will reserve half a beef. A $200 deposit will reserve a whole beef.

Due to the smaller carcass of the Dexter, quarter beeves are not available. A whole Dexter will fit in your freezer and feed a family of 4 for a year.


Registered Dexter breeding stock is $500 per animal, when available.

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